Although Ferdinand David is mostly known as a composer for a couple of his instrumental works, namely a Concertino for Trombone, and this Concertino, Op. 12 for bassoon, perhaps he should be most well-known as the violinist who premiered the Violin Concerto of Felix Mendelssohn in 1845. He was appointed as concertmaster of the Gewandhaus Orchestra in Leipzig when Mendelssohn, a childhood friend, became the principal conductor in 1835.

This Concertino for bassoon also exists in a version for viola, and now subsequently this edition for bass clarinet. It is a fun solo in two parts, first an aria-like melody, followed by a technical "Presto agitato." The key has been kept the same as the original version, and although it is preferred to perform with an extended range instrument, indications are made for adapting it to a standard range bass clarinet.