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"Resonancias" was commissioned for the Center of Arts-Reina Sofia of Madrid (LIEM - CDMC) in 1999 and was premiered by clarinetist Roger Heaton during the 7th Computing and Musical Electronics Conference of the Centre for the Contemporary Music Broadcasting of Madrid. The bass clarinet version was later performed in both Spain and Ireland by Harry Sparnaay and in Italy by Marco Ignoti. This work finds its inspiration at the poem Lutum, by the Cuban poet Dulce Maria Loynaz (winner of the 1992 Cervantes Prize for Literature). It is characterized by the contrast and difference of sonorous gestures between the clarinet and the tape, founded on the poetic content and dialogue between two instruments. The tape recreates and reproduces phonemes, vowels, consonants, and words that, through an spectral analysis, allowed me to establish a harmonious field for the melodic and harmonic sequences of the clarinet.

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