SKU: CS111

"I remember this piece vividly from when I was in my local youth orchestra in high school. I was playing the second bassoon part and remember it so well, because this particular piece only has the bassoon playing for about 4 lines (the winds only come in toward the end of the piece). Despite this, I was really moved by this piece and have had a great appreciation for it ever since. Here, I have decided to arrange it such that a solo bass clarinet could play it, accompanied by clarinet choir and harp (which is optional, but could also be played on the piano). This arrangement is transposed up a half step from the original version, and I have included additional solo parts for B-flat Clarinet (which also is a slightly easier version of the bass clarinet solo part), Cello and Bassoon (or Euphonium). I hope you enjoy this truly beautiful piece!" - Matt Johnston


  • Solo Bass Clarinet (or Solo Clarinet/Cello/Bassoon/Euphonium)
  • E-Flat Clarinet
  • 4 B-Flat Clarinets
  • Alto Clarinet/Basset Horn/Clarinet 5
  • Bass Clarinet
  • Contrabass Clarinet/Contralto/String Bass
  • Harp (or Piano) - optional