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Inspired by the Bellevue (WA) Youth Symphony’s programming theme – “Forgotten Voices”, and with the help of a Performance Grant from Women's Philharmonic Advocacy this arrangement was made possible. The solo flute part remains intact, while the remaining flute ensemble covers the parts of the original string quartet writing. This arrangement can be performed as a quintet, or with a full flute choir (with or without alto and bass instruments.) Amy Marcy Beach (1867-1944) was the best known female composer of her time period and the first woman in the United States to compose a symphony. Despite the limitations imposed by family and society, she knew even as a young child that “no other life than that of a musician could ever have been possible for me” and succeeded with perseverance and dedication, despite many obstacles. The theme can be paired with any combination of variations to create a musically rich performance of a variety of lengths to suit programming considerations. 


  • 3 C Flutes
  • Alto Flute (or Flute 4)
  • Bass Flute (or Flute 5)