The trend toward historically informed performances of early music for well-over a half century has shaped a discerning taste for authenticity by musicians who are expected to seek out the most minimally-edited "urtext" edition, if not the facsimile, for their baroque repertoire performance. This current publication, however, does not conform to these current practices, but rather is designed to offer a useful performer's edition for the modern, Boehm-system piccolo player. Treated as primarily a band instrument or as an under-utilized auxiliary in the symphony or opera orchestra, this small flute, until recently, has lacked its own solo recital repertoire. While the piccolo has in the last decades garnered the attention of innovative flute-makers, some superb soloists, and a number of fine, contemporary composers, there continues to be a lack of performance material from earlier eras available for it. Mary Ann and Frank Archer's edition of this Sonata in E Minor (BWV 1023) by Johann Sebastian Bach, transcribed specifically for the piccolo and piano, has many added breath, phrasing, articulation and dynamic markings, ornamentation, and suggestions for tempo changes. In four movements: AllegroAdagio ma non tantoAllemanda, and Gigue.