Verhoeven, Sam

Sam Verhoeven (°1981) is a composer, producer, singer and actor.

He began his career as a musical theatre actor. He has played in “Kuifje De Zonnetempel” (2001/2007), “She Loves Me” (2002/2003), “De Kleine Zeemeermin” (2004), “Dracula”, (2005/2006), “Een Lied Van Zand” (2007/2008) and “Daens” (2008/2009).

His voice can be heard in several animation series and films, such as “Lazy Town”, “Kratts In Het Wild”, “Cars” and “Imagination Movers”.

For two seasons he played the role of Geert De Pauw in the popular VTM soap “Familie” (2005/2006), and he had guest roles in “Thuis” and “Zone Stad”.

Since 2005 he has hosted the popular café-chantant “Hotel Vocal”, and from 2007 to 2014 he was the side kick for Luc Caals in the “Caals Comedy Club”.

He has been the director of Fakkeltheater since 2009. Since Sam took office, Fakkeltheater has become one of Antwerp’s best-known theatres, with more than 550 performances and 70,000 visitors a year.
He is also the founder and driving force behind Judas TheaterProducties and co-founder of the theatre company Het Achterland.

He composed the music for several musicals currently running at home and abroad, such as “Lelies” (2011), “Josephine B.” (2013/2022), “Muerto!” (2013/2016), “De Muze van Rubens” (2016), “De Rozenoorlog” (2016), “Goodbye, Norma Jeane” (2017), “Magdalena” (2018), “Aladdin” (2019), “November ‘89” (2019), “Blind Date” (2022), “Pocahontas” (2023) and “If I Fall” (2023).
In 2012 he won the Flemish Musical Award for best performance content for the music for “Lelies”.