Pucihar, Blaž

Blaž Pucihar (b. 1977)

Pianist Blaž Pucihar started his musical education at the local music school in Vrhnika and was taught by Professors Hinko Haas and Renata Bauer. He continued his education with Professor Janez Lovše at the High School of Music and Ballet Education in Ljubljana and with Professor Dubravka Tomšič- Srebotnjak at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana (Slovenia). He graduated in 1999 with honors.

As a soloist he performed with several orchestras under Marko Munih, Loris Voltolini and Miro Saje. He regularly performs with respected Slovenian and international artists such as Monika Skalar, Matej Zupan, Jože Kotar, Matej Grahek, Susan Milan, Celso Woltzenlogel, Christian Farroni, Giampaolo Pretto and others. As an accompanist he played at the masterclasses of Sophie Cherrier, Susan Milan, Pierre Yves Artaud and Giampaolo Pretto.

Since 1995, he has played with harmonica player Miro Božič. They play classical music in a different way and they released their first CD named "Jaz in ti" in 1998. As a founder and the president of the Tulipan Music Society, he released the CD entitled "Music in Color" with the Tulipan Quartet. He also arranged majority of the pieces on the CD.

In February 2004 he released CD entitled “Movements” with the flutist Ana Kavčič Pucihar featuring also two of his new compositions for flute and piano (4 Little Movements, Prima Sonata). Blaž Pucihar currently works as an accompanist at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana.