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Alessio Fabra - Fantasia for E-flat Clarinet (Requinto) Solo. "In September 2008, Gianluca Cangemi, a friend of mine and an excellent music composer purposed me writing something for Davide Bandieri, of whom he was already a fervent admirer; I was also struck by the beauty and clearness of Davide's sound, so I decided to compose this for him. In my Fantasia - in a traditional ABA structure - I tried to give a "part" for every register and every sound emission technique of the instrument, simulating the sound of a chamber orchestra. The composition begins and ends with an "archaic savour" melody, in which irregular rhythmic beating and harmonies arise from the rhetorical sense of phrases, like a popular song. The central section has dance characteristics, where pseudo-polyphonic elements and quotations from the first section appear."