Ohmae, Satoshi

Satoshi Ohmae is a Japanese composer and former professor of the Faculty of Music at Soai University.

He was born in 1943 in Hyogo prefecture, Japan. In 1967 he graduated from the department of composition of Osaka Liberal University. Between 1969 and 1998 he organized many concerts and workshops in the Kansai Region such as the "Japanese-German Contemporary Music Evening", the "Osaka Modern Music Workshop", aiming at joint work with performers, the "GENDAI NO NAMI- Contemporary Music Festival", the "SATOSHI OHMAE Composition Recital", the "KOTA Contemporary Music Series" and the concert of "Kobe Exhibition of Music".

In 1988 - 1989 Mr. Ohmae performed at the JFC CONCERT in Amsterdam. In 1998 he released the CD Album "IN THE MEMORIES-Satoshi Ohmae chamber musics" (JILA-1003). In 1999 he performed at "ISCM World Music Days Rumania" in Bucharest and at "Neue Musik aus Japan concert" in Leipzig. Other performances include the "Lange Musik Nacht" in Muenster (2003) and the "Festival 5 Giornate" in Milano (2014).

In addition Mr. Ohmae has composed over 200 works for solo-instruments and various ensembles. Many of them have been awarded with international composition awards in Europe and the U.S.A.