On September 25th, 2020 Daniel Verstappen released his new album & show 'Reconnection' with a light - & visual show, live musicians and dancers on stage, even in these uncertain Corona times. Daniel is a creater who wants to connect generations with each other, striving towards necessary perfection and creating a harmonious symbiosis between classic piano and modern music. Creating crossover music that spans between classical and contemporary electronic sounds. To quote Daniel's words, "It's an enjoyment to bring people together with my music, which I believe connects people!“

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Selections include:

1. Breathe (Advanced)

2. Toccata (Advanced) - download track HERE

3. Floating (Intermediate)

4. Raindrops (Intermediate)

5. Memories of Soul (Intermediate)

6. Hold Me (Advanced) - download track HERE

7. Soulmate (Advanced)

8. From the Heart (Beginner/Intermediate)

9. #COVID19 (Advanced)

10. Reconnection (Advanced) - download track HERE

11. Rise (Beginner) - download track HERE

12. Desert Dreams (Intermediate)

13. Reflexion (Intermediate)

Download tracks available through the links above, or on the UMMP Downloads page.