SKU: CC293

The Overture to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s opera The Marriage of Figaro is a perennial favorite of woodwind players everywhere. This arrangement cor Clarinet Choir gives players a chance to wiggle their fingers and play one of the most recognizable pieces of music in the classical repertoire. As in the famous transcription for wind band by Earl Slocum, this version is transposed into the more friendly key of B-flat major and can be played with a variety of instrumentations. At its core, six B-flat Clarinets and a Bass Clarinet are required, however there are also parts for E-flat Clarinet, Alto Clarinet, Basset Horn, Contrabass Clarinet, Contralto Clarinet and String Bass. Also, an optional timpani part is included. 


  • 6 Clarinets
  • Bass Clarinet
  • E-flat Clarinet (doubles Clarinet 1)
  • Alto Clarinet/Basset Horn (doubles Clarinet 6)
  • Contrabass Clarinet/Contralto Clarinet/String Bass (doubles Bass Clarinet)
  • Timpani (optional)