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Cedric De Boom - Math Miniatures for Piano. Math Miniatures revolves around the theme of mathematics. The link between music and mathematics is strong and has captured people's imagination for centuries. For this reason, many artists have found themselves at the intersection of these two concepts. Consider the 18th-century Musikalisches Würfelspiel, in which the roll of a set of dice determines the random progression of the music. In the book "Gödel, Escher, Bach," Douglas Hofstadter weaves music and mathematics together with counterpoint and artificial intelligence. Composers like Schönberg developed the twelve-tone technique, in which mathematical concepts such as combinatoriality, symmetries, and invariances are hidden. Math Miniatures consists of four short pieces (a "tiny symphony"), each inspired by a mathematical concept. However, I set aside the strict mathematical interpretations of these concepts. Instead, I was guided by the beauties they reveal: enchanting visualizations, turbulent dynamics, or building blocks that fit together like a puzzle: Mandelbrot, Finite Fields, Rotor, and Principia.