Hablewitz, Christin

Christin Hablewitz (b. 1969)

Christin Hablewitz is passionate in her efforts to expand the repertoire to meet our ever-evolving global society. While rooted in classical clarinet, along with some jazz, she has branched off to study, perform, educate and expose listeners to a variety of amazing music including, Classical Persian and North Indian, Brazilian Choro, Trinidadian Calypso, Cuban Danzon, Klezmer and America's hybridization of it all.

In 2012 she completed a MFA in clarinet performance from California Institute of the Arts in Southern California. She has also received a M.A. in Creativity & Arts Education from San Francisco State University and B.A. in Music from Northern Illinois University in Music Education. Christin performs on clarinet, bass clarinet, flutes and steel drums in various ensembles, including Los Angeles Clarinet Choir, Zetz Klezmer Ensemble, KREation Ensemble, Steel Jam Steel Band, and many more.

Music education has also played an important role in her life and she continues to teach students from beginners to advance players, privately and school ensembles. Christin has a passion for teaching students and performing new music, world music, improvisation and integrating various art forms in a classical context.