Sergio Parotti - Concierto No. 2, Op. 302 for Horn and Percussion. This work was commissioned by the solo hornist (to whom it is dedicated) and the percussion orchestra "Percusionistas de Buenos Aires", conducted by Fabian Bermann. It is written in one movement with an approximate duration of 10 minutes. In it, not only are the technical levels of the players captured, but also the melodic possibilities of the horn and the timpani, with the harmonic support of the glockenspiel, vibes, xylophone and marimba.


  • Solo Horn
  • Percussion 1: Timpani
  • Percussion 2: Marimba, Cymbals
  • Percussion 3: Vibraphone
  • Percussion 4: Xylophone, Bass Toms
  • Percussion 5: Glockenspiel, Toms
  • Percussion 6: Congas, Bongos, Gongs