Marcel Olm was born in Mataró (Barcelona) on February 12, 1932. He studied piano with María Canela at the Liceu Conservatory of Barcelona, as well as harmony and composition with Cristobal Taltavull (Barcelona). He has recorded for Radio National de España and Catalunya Música and is a member of the Associació Catalana de Compositors. Tres Preludis Subtils is a piece that is no more than emotional and personal sensations transmitted to a pentagram with the maximum honesty. With my plain, own language. Fransesc Taverna-Bech, a composer, wrote in a review that my aim is to be loyal to my deep thoughts. He is right. He agrees with the piano placer Angles Presutto, who wrote to me from Lisbon: "Your works have interest, defined in an intimate style, naked of outer appearance". I try to say something that makes sense; I have no intention of giving it effects to make it avant-garde.