United Music and Media Publishers accepts unsolicited music from all composers and arrangers.  When sending pieces for consideration, please follow the guidelines below:

Submitting files electronically:

  1. You may send PDF, Finale, Sibelius, and audio files
  2. Your last name and title must be a part of the file name
  3. Submit music to ALRY Publications
  4. You will receive a confirmation of received files via email

We will not review any submissions that do not have a live recording.  We do not accept submissions with .midi files (computer generated)

If your piece is accepted, we will provide further instructions and additional information required to proceed.  We will only notify you if your piece is accepted.  If you do not hear from us within 6 months, then you piece has not been accepted. Unfortunately, we receive too many submissions to reply to everyone.

If your piece is accepted for publication, we will need a Finale or Sibelius file.  If you do not have a digital file, we will create one for you at a cost of $4 per page.  If a submitted file requires significant editing, the charge is $30 per hour.  If this is needed, we will let you know in advance and will provide you a cost estimate in advance for your approval.  You will receive a copy of your file.

Upon publication, UMMP, or one of it's partner publishers, will assume copyright of the work. Therefore, when submitting arrangements of original compositions, please make sure they are in the public domain or you have permission from the publisher of the original composition.  Works in the public domain are those whose intellectual property rights have expired; typically 75 years past the death of the composer or if the original copyright was prior to 1924.  To confirm if your piece qualifies, please research public domain and copyright laws completely.  Submissions received that are under copyright are discarded without review.

Deadline for submission: 31 December

Decision date: 30 June (you will only be contacted if your piece is accepted)

Release date for new music: 1 August