Sarah Watts is an award winning British Clarinettist who has gained an international reputation for her work as a solo bass clarinettist. Her work both as a soloist and with her various chamber ensembles has led to numerous CD releases and invitations to perform all over the world. Sarah is passionate about teaching and in addition being the visiting teacher of solo bass clarinet at the Royal Northern College of Music, she hosts and tutors several courses for adult amateur musicians in the UK and France. Sarah has recently completed a PhD in bass clarinet multiphonics. She has created new multiphonics charts for the bass clarinet and commissioned new works for bass clarinet that use her results. Spectral Immersions: A Comprehensive Guide To The Theory And Practice Of Bass Clarinet Multiphonics is published by Metropolis. The book contains history, analysis, new charts and new compositions together with audio and data CDs. A separate series of works written for the project was also published alongside. Screapadal is Sarah's own composition, illustrating the use of multiphonics in contemporary music.