Francesco Manfredini's Christmas Concerto (Concerto Grosso per il Santissimo Natale) was published in Bologna in 1718, nine years after Torelli's Christmas concerto and just six years after Corelli's celebrated work. As in both of these other compositions, there is a pastorale movement that uses the dotted siciliano rhythm pattern in a 12/8 time, evoking images of the shepherds and the nativity. Also similar to these two other restrained, Bolognese-styled concerti, Manfredini's composition is neither showy nor technically demanding but uses the soloist group as a dynamic and textural contrast to the full orchestral tutti. Scored for a solo grouping of three players (Concertino) and accompaniment by the remainder of the ensemble (Ripieno), this concerto is in three movements: PastoraleLargo, and Allegro.


  • 2 Solo C Flutes
  • Solo Alto Flute
  • 3 Tutti C Flutes
  • Tutti Bass Flute/Alto Flute/Contrabass Flute/Contralto Flute