Johan Favoreel studied at the Royal Music Academy in Brussels. Being producer with the Belgian Broadcasting Company since 1982, he made several CD-recordings with a.o. the BRTN-Filharmonic orchestra and choir. Other projects include CD-recordings for various chambermusic ensembles, the ‘Proms’, opera,... As a composer and arranger, Johan Favoreel writes regularly for symphonic orchestra, wind ensembles, voices,... . His favourite instrument is the clarinet. This charming miniature for bass clarinet and piano pictures an imaginary ancient heavy-weight Greek God “Zebus” (the warm mild and mellow sound of a heavy-weight clarinet), enjoying life sitting in the sun while eating and drinking wine. The idea to take part in a hunting party (the faster tempo) excites him, but because he is so tired everything stays calm and nice. Life continues as it was.