Davis, Michael

Michael Davis (b. 1957)

Michael Davis is an award-winning flutist and composer in the Twin Cities, Minnesota area, specializing in instruments of bamboo, glass, and cedar as well as the modern silver flute. He received his Bachelor of Music degree from the University of South Carolina, where as a sophomore he won the national first prize in the collegiate woodwinds division of the Music Teacher’s National Association competition. With advanced degrees from the Eastman School of Music and Columbia University, he has taught flute and advanced aural skills at Iowa State University and served as piccolo soloist with the United States Military Academy Band at West Point. Dr. Davis is a performing artist member of Thursday Musical and a two-time prize-winning finalist for the prestigious McKnight Fellowship for Performing Artists.

As a composer, his collaborations have included The Florence Ballet Co., the new music ensemble Zeitgeist, and members of the West Point band. He is a former winter of the Eric Stokes Song Competition, a Minnesota Music Teachers Association master certified teacher of flute and music theory, and has written dozens of music, theater, and book reviews and articles for newspaper and magazine publications in Minneapolis and St. Paul. His website is www.michaeldavisonline.com.