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8 short and very easy pieces for bassoon and piano (Habanera, Lilliput Parade, Petite Romance, La Danse des Rois, Morning Spring, Cache-cache menuet, Comme a la Parade, Dixieland Story) Willy Van Dorsselaer was born in 1918 in Waasmunster (Belgium). He has been living for years in Colmar (France). After his conservatory training, he played in several ensembles. He taught clarinet at the Colmar music academy, where he also held an executive position. His love of music found expression in numerous compositions for both small and large arrangements, including those in this collection. Their rich melodic and harmonic force is an ongoing source of inspiration for every performer. Willy Van Dorsselaer’s pedagogical compositions were frequently crowned with prizes. Many of these works were published by DMP.