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Seeking to bridge the educational divide between modern flute and baroque flute performance opportunities, Traverso Colore was founded in early 2005 as an outgrowth of the baroque flute class at Florida State University. They are a baroque flute ensemble that promotes baroque music on period instruments and creates more opportunities for flutists to perform original and arranged works from this historical era. All the arrangements in the Traverso Colore series, created by Karen McLaughlin Large and Tammara K. Phillips, can be played on baroque flutes as well as modern flutes.

Volume 6 includes: Stella coeli extirpavit (Anonymous), Si el Amor se quedare dormido (Juan de Araujo), Tota pulchra (Anonymous), Pastoreta Ychepe Flauta (Anonymous), Sonata Chiquitana XVIII (Anonymous), Aqui ta naqui: Ut reque and Chapie, Iyai Jesu Christo: Venu, sponsa, dulcis amor (Anonymous), and Sonata IX (Ignazio Balbi).


  • 5 C Flutes (baroque or modern): Stella coeli extirpavit, Si el Amor se quedare dormido, and Tota pulchra
  • 4 C Flutes (baroque or modern): Pastoreta Ychepe Flauta
  • 3 C Flutes with divisi (baroque or modern): Sonata Chiquitana XVIII and Sonata IX
  • 3 C Flutes (baroque or modern): Aqui ta naqui: Ut reque and Chapie, Iyai Jesu Christo: Veni, sponsa, dulcis amor